Torrent Negre

Three carefully selected grape varieties go into the blend of this wine, which combines the power of Cabernet Sauvignon, the elegance and finesse of the Merlot, and the aromas of the Syrah. The result is a highly concentrated, modern style and very expressive wine. It is aged for 12 months in new French, Caucasian and American oak barrels. It is then left to round out in bottle over time.


Wine data sheet

Grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc

Growing system: Espalier training

Vineyard location: District of Manacor

Designation: D.O.P. Pla i Llevant-Mallorca

Type of wine: Red “Crianza”

Alcohol content: 14- 14.5 % vol.

Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures.
Malolactic fermentation in oak.

Ageing: 12 months in new French and American oak, followed by ageing in bottle.

Tasting notes: Clean and bright, very intensely coloured wine with a deep, cherry red hue and a garnet rim. On the nose, the wine is dominated by ripe fruit, which harmonizes with the complex, elegant notes from ageing (coffee, tobacco, vanilla, leather). On the palate, the wine displays wonderful balance with an abundance of silky and very expressive tannins, a meaty character and a very long finish playing back the fruity and spicy aromas.

Food Pairing: pairs well with game, red meats, stews and matured cheeses.

Serving temperature: between 18- 19 ºC

Recognition and Awards

– Silver Medal for the 2000 Vintage – “III Salón Internacional del Vino”, Madrid 2002.

– Bronze Bacchus for the 2000 Vintage – “V Edición del Concurso Internacional de Vinos BACCHUS 2002”.

– Bronze Medal for the 2000 Vintage – “XI edición Nacional y III Internacional de los Premios Zarcillo. Castilla y León 2003”.

– Silver Medal for the 2001 Vintage – ” VI Edición del concurso Internacional BACCHUS 2004”.

– Silver Medal for the 2002 Vintage – “XII Edición Nacional y IV Internacional de los Premios Zarcillo. Castilla y León 2005”.

– Silver Medal – “VIII Edición del Salón Internacional del Vino”de Madrid 2007″.

– Gold Medal for the 2005 Vintage – “X Salón Internacional del Vino Madrid 2009” and the prize for the winery which has received the most awards over 10 years.

– Silver Bacchus for the 2005 Vintage – “IX Concurso Internacional de vinos BACCHUS 2010”.

– Silver Medal for the 2005 Vintage – ” Concurso Internacional Premios Arribe” for Best Wine 2010 (“Salón Internacional del vino y su cultura en Arribes del Duero”).

– Silver Medal for the 2005 Vintage – “Concurso de los Mejores Vinos Españoles para Asia” held in Hong Kong (2010).

– Bronze Mezquita for the 2005 Vintage – “XVII Concurso Nacional de Vinos. Premios Mezquita. Córdoba 2011”.  


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