Son Nadal I i II


Surface area: 0.23 / 0.30 Hectares

Soil characteristics: Non-irrigated. Loamy textured, with a basic pH (8.00) and a high organic matter content (2.29%), making this a soil with little sensitivity to compaction and possessing good drainage. The basic pH means that there are few trace elements essential for the vine, such as iron, manganese, boron and zinc, available for it to absorb, so it is advisable to apply these at some point by foliar application. This is not possible via irrigation since the vines are old and there is no irrigation system installed. Given the low level of active lime (4.62%) and other constraints, we will use rootstock R-110 and SO-4 in this parcel. It should be noted that this parcel contains an excessive amount of magnesium.

Climatological characteristics: Mediterranean climate characterized by temperate winters with moderate rainfall, hot, dry summers, and autumns and springs, which are variable both in terms of temperatures and rainfall. There is a very good variation between day and night-time temperatures. The vineyard is located in an area in the centre-south of the Aubocassa plain and is characterized by wind and low rainfall.

Varieties: Fogoneu and Callet.

Wines produced: Golós Negre, Autòcton, Gran Vinya Son Caules, Vinya Son Caules Negre, Petit Torrent and Dolç des Morro.

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